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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  March 12, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EST

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several ships to japan and began preparing for humanitarian missions. the story is changing by the minute. thank you for being with us tonight. log on to and stay with fox news for breaking dev >> this is a fox news alert from new york. it's 4:00 p.m. in quake-ravaged japan and officials are very concerned about two of the country's nuclear power plants. an official with japan's nuclear safety commission is now saying that one of the plants may be experiencing a nuclear meltdown. almost 14,000 people living near the plants have been evacuated. but according to state broadcasters, officials from the government say that there is no need to extend that evacuation
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area, deintiet what we are hearing about the possible meltdown. two nuclear plants losing their cooling ability after yesterday's earthquake, which measured 8.9. authorities have detected eight times the normal radiation levels outside of one of those facilities. >> and to talk about how dangerous the situation might be, we have joe, a national security and nuclear expert. joe, thanks for being with us. >> yeah, my pleasure. >> what can you tell us? this could be a very dangerous situation. what can you tell us about why they may have evacuated the people? i read that around 45,000 people have been told to leave that live around the facilities in caseave meltdown. what you can tell us about what could happen in the case of this? >> well the information we are getting from the site is still fragmentary. it is not complete. it would be very helpful, if the authorities would give us a complete assessment, but it looks like they have suspended
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their efforts to vent steam from the reactor to try to relieve some of the pressure because that venting is getting very highly radioactive and they're detecting some highly radioactive materials, and that's an indication that the core has been exposed. the water levels seem to have dropped below the core level that. means you are getting fuel rods exposed directly to the air. that's not a good thing that. means that those fuel rods will begin to melt. and now we have official confirmation that may be underway. we have several possibilities at this point, if it stops right now, it would still be a hugely serious thuclear incident. if the melting continues, then what will happen is the cladding around the fuel rods will melt off and very highly radioactive materials would fall into the water and turn into steam and you would have a very serious radioactive emissions from the
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core, if the fuel rods continue to melt, then the core itself could collapse and a molten mass of radioactive metal could burn through the reactor vessel and drop into the concrete structure itself, the containment vessel, which is many feet thick of concrete. and hopefully, that concrete structure would contain this radioactive molten mass. but if there has been structural damage to the containment vehicle, you could see the entire facility itself collapse and all of this become exposed to the outside. these are some very, very grim scenarios. >> it sounds complicated. but is this something that could be solved by extra coolant fit could be flown in to help out with this? >> it's not a question of a coolant. the coolant here is water. we're looking at purified water. that covers the core.
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they appear to have supplies of that. they seem to be having trouble getting it into the reactor. it appears to be a problem of the pumps, of the valves being able to get enough of that water, that coolant water into the reactor core itself. there hasn't been a complete explanation from the authorities about why that's happening. but that does seem to be what's happening. >> this is a country, japan, that has always prided itself on being prepared for earthquakes, being prepared for tsunamis. what is japan's reputation when it comes to nuclear power plants and preparation for these kinds of catastrophes? >> so japan has 55 nuclear power plants. they have one-sixth of all power plants in the world near japan. it is a country that is very active, seismic zone. they have had earthquakes that have exceeded the design requirements for plants in 2007,
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they had a major earthquake, hit a plant not far from the one now in crisis and as a result in the radioactive spills. but they have very strict building codes and their requirements more severe than the ones in the united states or even in europe. but then, still not designed to withstand this kind of quake an 8.9 magnitude quake, which is what hit yesterday, is a very large quake. and then, that's what knocked out the electricity in the first place. then it was followed by a tsunami, which knocked out the backup generators. so you had a double whammy here. they are supposed to be safety structures that would respond, a backup to the backup generators, but those appear to be failing. multiple natural disasters have hit the nuclear reactors and they're causing what appears to be a meltdown. >> if there is a full-blown
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meltdown, joe, what kind of an area, radius, are we talking about? folks within how many miles would be affected by this kind of thing? >> well, this is uncharted territory. this has never happened before. and it might not be just one plant we are talking about. there might be two, three or four plants where this could happen. but we are looking at one right now. this would be hundreds of square miles in the immediate vicinity. but if it is expose to the outside, you are talking about radioactive debris, particulates in the atmosphere. this would be spread by the winds and basically, globalally. chernobyl sent radioactive material into the atmosphere and spread throughout the entire northern hemisphere, contaminating hundreds of thousands of people in the wake of that accident. >> so say that again, if we have a meltdown here at this one
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plant, you could be talking about something that could affect the entire world? could affect the world? >> the winds blow west to east. and that means that any of the radioactive material that enters the atmosphere would be blown onto the west coast of the united states and beyond. so, yes, a serious meltdown here, would affect populations in the united states and potentially it around the globe. we have to hope that they can contain it. that it doesn't get to that point. if you can concane it now, you valid a very serious radioactive event, but it would be contained locally. you want to keep this event inside the containment structure, inside the concrete structure of the reactor. >> joe, national security expert and a nuclear expert, thanks very much. japan just launching a massive military-led rescue operation. 50,000 troops will be sent to the areas hit hardest by the quake. the death toll again -- and these numbers are very fluid,
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413 people officially. but we are hearing that that number is expected to go up into and to reach at least 1,000 people. there are many missing and there are many injured. most of those appear to have drowned. >> if you are looking for ways to help the victims. salvation army, red cross are collecting money via text message. text japan or quake to 800-888. and to red cross, 90-999. stay tuned to fox news for the latest.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, more on the quake in a moment. first, death threats in wisconsin. the attorney general's office in that state investigating a number of death threats against some republicans who voted to diminish union power. a radio station obtained this email, quote: please wisconsin authorities are taking this stuff seriously. they have a suspect, has not been charged as far as we know. now, the situation is symptomatic of the bitter nationwide war going on between republican cost cutters and
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democratic prounion forces there are hard feelings on both sides. >> inciting more anger and pain and fear. our people are governed by deliberation and governed by reconciliation and not ram rodding politics. it's going to create a rebellion. revolt and recall. >> bill: i don't know what revolt means. recall is fine if proper procedures are followed. but death threats and the destruction of property have to be prosecuted. the media is partly at fault here, particularly the left-wing press which has whipped up its crowd into a fewery. remember, governor walker's law diminishing union power can be overturned and the governor as jesse jackson said can be recalled. we have ways in our system to deal with unjust laws. talking points do not think the new union rules in wisconsin are wrong but they are tough. bring costs under control. if new jobs aren't created, if the wisconsin budget doesn't improve then walker should be voted out.
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this violence stuff, troubling and should be condemned by all loyal americans. we will see if the left wing press does that i doubt it. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight if you diminish union power haw how does that create power and picture of the quake. here now lou dobbs brand new program lou dobbs tonight begins this coming monday, march 14th 7:00 p.m. all right. we will be looking at that. let's go to japan first. i figure that country is out of the box for about a year now. that's how long it's going to take to rebuild and reorganize. is that going to have a ripple effect on the worldwide economy? >> it will in terms of the markets. tokyo one of the largest equity markets in the world. secondly, there is a perverse effect here which is beneficial to the world economy. that is the material, the expertise, the labor that will be required to rebuild will actually be something of a boone, bill, to the rest of the world.
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>> bill: they have to buy stuff. there will be a lot of donated stuff, too. they will have to get expertise in there. the japanese economy is an insular, kroncke -- correct me if i am wrong economy. we have problems getting our stuff into japan and china. i'm not seeing a big impacten 00 u.s. economy. >> i think that is probably correct. although some of our steel companies will benefit. there is apparently limited insurance company exposure to restoring and replacing that which is damaged. >> bill: have their own insurance. >> at that level. an insular economy isn't in this respect. it is a trading economy. they export to the world. and much of the world is dependent on japanese products. >> bill: all right. let's go to wisconsin. walker says the governor of wisconsin says, look, i had to break the union, and he did. let's be honest. >> he broke it. >> bill: because i had to get costs under control so that i
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can then rebuild the state's economic picture to the tune of 250,000 jobs. how do you create jobs by breaking the union? >> well, we're going to find out more in his state of the state message which will be next tuesday. what he is alluding to. i have talked with some of the folks there in madison, wisconsin. what he is alluding to is stripping away collective bargaining powers that constrain the ability of government to reduce the size of payrolls and, indeed, reduce wages. he is going to be saving the citizens of -- so he says. >> bill: about $3 billion over three or four years. how does that create jobs. >> it saves jobs because they won't have to raise taxes. that's the point of this. his ability to constrain the size of government. >> bill: he is saying okay, because i got these give backs and because i broke the union and they are not going to bother me for the next four years, then i don't have to raise taxes, i can maybe cut taxes on some small business owners and
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attract more people into the state from neighboring state of illinois, which is jacking up taxes on everybody. >> they got a labor force of 3 million people in wisconsin. just about 300,000 people unemployed. just about 7.5% unemployment rate. what he is talking about is within the margins of reality. >> bill: 250, going to have no unemployment. going to be nothing. >> it's an interesting idea. there is an interesting side bar to this. that is that the republicans and this governor are also going to put a limit on property taxes in wisconsin. which means that the municipalities, county governments will have to follow suit and start reducing payroll. >> bill: attractive to live in wisconsin. if you are living in illinois and getting hammered on every front. all you have got to do is get in the car and drive 30 miles. that's why new hampshire does what it does. >> correct. all one has to do is looking is happening in new york. net out migration to wisconsin.
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>> bill: president obama holds press conference today. oil prices popularity is down 10 points in a month. here is what he says, go. >> our oil production reached its highest level in seven years. oil production from federal watters in the gulf of mexico reached an all-time high. for the first time in more than a decade, imports accounted for less than half of what we consumed. >> bill: i didn't know that. >> well, it's interesting in this little statistical war that is going on now between republicans and the white house. the fact is that just about half of the rigs in the gulf have been taken out of service because of what has been a passive aggressive ban. it's also interesting that this president did not recommend a single policy advance here today at that news conference. and he chose to talk about energy on the second day of declines in crude oil prices since the run-up began. >> bill: all right. but he -- if he is what he says
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is true, we are getting more oil out of the gulf than we have ever gotten. >> i want to give the president all the credit in the world here because he talked about for the first time in my memory domestic oil production. hallelujah. the richest energy country in the world. >> bill: still not going to go to anwr no matter what. >> just got 90 billion barrels of oil up there. >> bill: lou dobbs check him out monday night 7:00 fox business channel. interrupting high profile guests, i do it, chris wallace does it occasionally. are we bad people? are we bad people? geraldo on the madness [ male announcer ] you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity, turning your life upside down in a matter of seconds. hi. hi, you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. you just read my mind. [ male announcer ] just one little piece of information, and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money, and ruining your reputation.
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, you may remember that after my interview with president obama on super bowl sunday some left wing loons
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counted up the number of times i interrupted the president. the first tally was around 20. now i believe the number is up to 2,000. the truth is the tv interviewers who want to get answers must, must interrupt their guests. here is the proof. >> the house republican budget. >> chris: i'm asking you about your budget. >> chris, may i answer? >> chris: yes, i'm asking you to answer my question which is is that the best democrats can do? >> i'm going to finish one way or the other here, chris. the house republican budget takes all of its cuts out of 12% of our budget. >> bill: some people want mandatory retirement age where you would have to take it raised up to about 67. are you for that? do you want to raise that mandatory age to 6' retirement? >> everything is going to have to change for those who are enrolled in the program now and will be enrolled in the program now. but we do not change the pension benefits of those who are receiving. >> bill: i agree. >> and i really apologize that up here in alaska we have the four second delay so it's not an
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easy exchange to try to get my point across to you if you interrupt. >> bill: joining us now from washington the anchor of "fox news sunday" chris wallace. so, look, i don't want to have to interrupt sarah palin or barack obama or anybody. i asked sarah palin a direct question. then answer. you asked durbin a direct question. tell me about the democratic budget. how come you are not cutting anything out of it he wants to talk about the republican budget. i saw that three times you asked him. now, when we do this, inevitably we get email you are rude. you are a bar baron, you barbarian. you are a hon. how do you see it? >> in your case they are right, bill. in my case they are wrong. the problem, of course, is that the politicians and this is just a study progression have gotten better and better, more scripted, more talking points. and they view your question as simply departure to give an answer whether the answer is
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related to the question or not. i mean, i literally was saying three times to dick durbin what are you going to do and three times he said the house republican budget. >> bill: it was absurd. look, i think this is getting worse. see, i think it's getting worse now. i think these guys know and gals know they can come on these programs and do whatever they want to do and if you, the interviewer, and i consider my job to get answers from questions. we told sarah palin we wanted specific entitlement cuts and specific strategies on entitlements. that's what we want. instead, the governor wanted to give a speech that she has given literally 50 times before. now, when i cut her off, she got teed off at me. i understand that. if i were her, i probably would have been teed off as well. buff my job is to get answers to specific questions. but i don't know if the audience gets that or not. i think they think i'm an idiot. >> you know, my father and i have talked about this a lot because the fact is in 60
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minutes they will do an hour or two hour interview and then they have the luxury of being able to he did it. talk on and on and be able to edit it. what you and i are doing is sausage making. the audience is watching us as we news gather in realtime. you have four minutes for this segment or i have 12 minutes for durbin. if he goes off on a tangent that's taking off time. i have to cut him off or he is going to waste my time or the audience's time. >> bill: do you think the audience understands what's going on en masse? do you think they have any empathy for you and me in what we are trying to do here? >> i hate to say this. i think a lot of it has to do with politics. in other words, if you are interrupting somebody they don't like, they are all for it. if you are interrupting somebody they like, they get ticked off at you. >> bill: okay. but does the audience now, because cable news has been on the air now for 14 years at fox news, cnn is a different animal. they don't do a lot of opinion
2:26 am
stuff. i just wonder whether the american public gets teed off at the politicians who answer the questions. i do. see, that drives me -- when durbin wasn't answering your question i was going like this. answer his question. i don't want my time wasted by propaganda. >> and i know, for instance, when you interviewed president obama and you talk about the criticism you got, and i say this respectfully about the president, he gives long answers. he gives long answers to you. he gives long answers to everyone. and if you have got -- they have a very strict time limit, 10 minutes, 8 minutes, whatever it was. >> bill: he wasn't bad. >> if you let him give your full answer you will get three questions in. >> bill: you can't. he wasn't bad. in that interview we moved that interview along. we got to six or seven topics and he didn't try to filibuster stuff. so i have to say that. so you believe that the audience does get it or does not get it or it's all partisan politics? >> well, i think they get it to some degree. again, i find in the response to me if it's -- let's say it's a
2:27 am
conservative emailing me. they are much more sympathetic to me interrupting a liberal democrat than they are a conservative republican. >> bill: who do you have coming up on "fox news sunday." >> we will be interrupting senator michigan mcconnell about the budget and libya. >> bill: big glenn beck segment tonight. we put together some of his best comments from the last few months. i think you will like it. next, geraldo on the hysteria that continues to surround the house hearings on muslim extremism in america. why hope
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>> bill: fridays with geraldo segment tonight. we have an amazing southbound bite for sound bite for you. holding hearings about the muslim jihad in america. think it's unfair to single out one group even if that group has been thousands for american deaths. al greene was con fronted with
2:31 am
that fact. >> you reported of all the 126 indictments, all of them have been muslim. do you think that >> bill: okay. here now to respond fox news anchor geraldo rivera. so, i guess we are going back in history now. does congressman green have a point? >> well, the only al greene i know is the soul singer: he has
2:32 am
a point. i understand his point. his larger point which i totally endorse is that it is unfair as you mention in your lead-in to single out this one group. >> bill: i didn't say it was unfair. i said some people, like you, crazy left wingers, think it is. >> can i tell -- it's not 126. that's eric holder's number of the people prosecuted for terrorism. your audience has to know of the 126, we are talking about 50 american citizens. the vast majority of the 50 american citizens are like the knuckle heads from newberg entrapped into doing terror with co-conspirators who are really fbi agents leading them down the prim rose path. >> bill: if you look at the totality of the problem, in the world, not the united states, it's muslim-jihad generated. congressman green has the nerve to foist that the kkk should be
2:33 am
equally imakd when they haven't had any impact on this country from this in decades. >> i don't think so that's true. i think the kkk -- >> bill: you think the kkk has any influence in this country right now? >> let me tell you and your audience that january 17th, the last act of attempted terror in the united states, that was a neo nazi, that guy in spokane, washington, who planted a weapon of mass destruction on the route of the martin luther king day parade march. and that was terrorism. this was a neo nazi and why wouldn't a hearing on domestic terror include a heinous act like that? >> bill: was he associated with a group? >> yeah. he was a neo nazi, i forget which of the -- >> bill: according to the spokane police, he was a lone crazy nut. >> that's not true. he is definitely a neo nazi. national alliance. >> bill: the national alliance. look, i'm not opposed to having hearings about these people but to raise.
2:34 am
>> peter king is a great guy. >> bill: raise to the equivalency of the jihad is insane. >> peter king is a wonderful guy. is he my favorite congressman. i don't know if he represents you. he uses the studio where i went to high school in long island. is he a straight shooter. stood by bernie character -- kerik police commissioner in jail now. i bet peter king regrets having these hearings, why? because they were more heat than light. they divided people. they made muslim americans feel assailed in many ways, bill. i think this was a terrible, terrible idea. and because there is this jihad against us, i buy that -- >> bill: i will ask you. >> that there are ways to fight it and ways not. >> bill: i asked a muslim congressman ellison last night there is an allegation that 7 a% of american mosques condone, that's the important word, sharia law and elements of the
2:35 am
jihad. 75%. >> i don't know where that statistic comes from. >> bill: that comes from frank gaffney's group. >> frank gaffney is a hard guy. >> bill: shouldn't that statistic be annualized and either debunked or given credibility if he can back it up? isn't that important? >> i believe that were a statistic like that accurate, i would have heard it from a source more reliably. >> >> bill: not in the press you wouldn't. >> frank gaffney. i have never seen him when he is not being extremely assertive and throwing around numbers. >> bill: i want to know if there is -- >> i want to know what's going on in the mosques, also. and i will bet you every penny i have that there is not a mosque in this country that's not being surveilled right now by federal authorities whom i trust far more than frank gaffney with all due respect to him. >> bill: but you do want to know. >> i want to know. of course i want to know.
2:36 am
jewish -- the klan is in many ways an an arc -- >> bill: i have got to go. >> all right. >> bill: you agree with me? >> -- i agree, interrupting -- >> bill: not a short segment.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. our pal glenn is on a well-deserved vacation. we decided to put together the best of beck. we begin with the g-man's state of the union address. >> bill: so here is beck, very contemplative, i mean, you had your own state of the union that you wanted to deliver on both radio and tv. >> um-huh. >> bill: just for the folks who may have missed it, what happened? >> anybody who is not watching tv at 5:00? i did a state of the union on thursday, and it wasn't about politics. because we all know the state of
2:41 am
politics it stinks. >> bill: nod -- not good. >> we can sit next to each other. call each other bad names and sit to each other and wear ribbons. here is what the state of the union is. if you look at, for instance, the video of a woman in, i think it's nebraska, she is minding her own business on this bus. two other women approach her, start to beat -- just beat her within an inch of life. nobody gets up to help. and one of the women just delivering the blows has two little toddlers on the bus. and they actually get trampled in this melee. what's happened to us, bill? >> bill: we have always had psychos. you think there is a bigger picture? >> if you watch jersey shore? >> we got a situation. >> bill: i will submit to you we have always had an element that has been cowardly and apathetic. you believe this is more of an epidemic? >> i think it is. this feeling that nobody really matters. people aren't real. get out of my way.
2:42 am
it's a video game. i can be famous. i can be famous. i can have fortune. nothing matters anymore ♪ >> bill: you are using the cupcakes to illustrate a point about the american dollar. >> yes. >> bill: let's roll the tape. >> i speak the language of food and cupcakes. before world world war ii, every had their own cupcakes. the british had their own cupcakes. gold. and we started eating all of the cupcakes. we started spending. that's as close as can i get to a cupcake. let me suck my finger for a second. >> bill: now, i'm a little slow. the major point beside you liking cupcakes was -- >> i think that was it. what people don't understand is that as we devalue our dollar. we took the cupcakes from england and we will say we will hold them for you and we gave them certificates otherwise
2:43 am
known as treasury bonds. hold these they are as good as cupcakes. as we start devaluing our dollar, what we are doing is devaluing the cupcakes. >> bill: by printing more money. the fed prints more money. >> when you go out and buy flour or anything, cotton, your clothes, when you buy it, you have to understand that we are devaluing our money. we are devaluing the money overseas as well. but also here. ♪ >> bill: so, beck, you have been saying for a while that you don't like obama care. you feel that it's unconstitutional, bad for the country and on and on. >> going to destroy us. >> bill: going to destroy the country. next week they are going to vote, they, the republicans in the house to repeal. >> um-huh. >> bill: many of us feel that's a largely symbolic vote because the president will veto. >> that is fantastic. let him veto it. >> bill: okay. >> this guy is a political coward. tell me every time it's crunch
2:44 am
time, they need him, is he like in a foreign country. i don't know whether he is. is he always some place else every time. he doesn't take responsibility for anything. >> bill: he has though on obama care. that's his signature legislation. >> let him have it alone. two reasons. one, i'm not sure if he vetoes it. >> bill: would you like to bet your house? because i will bet you my house. >> -- would you take it? >> bill: on your web site you have pictures of you on vacation. >> yeah. >> bill: building sand castles. >> i started with a sand castle. >> bill: what is that a lion? >> a lizard. i have never built a sand castle before. that's a shark it it'stopus. >> what is that. >> he laughed and said i have got to go get my family. he brought the family down the beach and his 4-year-old daughter got about 15 or 20 feet
2:45 am
away from it started crying no, no. you can't. ran away. >> bill: that's a usual reaction to beck when he goes anywhere. this is a good time to ask you to vote in our new bill o' poll. do you favor the u.s. leading a no-fly zone in libya. yes or no do you favor the awz leading a no-fly zone in libya? yes or no. go back to japan where there is unbelievable carnage after the earthquake. that report up next.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, as we told you at the top of the broadcast thousands of people feared dead in japan after a massive earthquake. the largest in that country's history. joining us now via skype is congress, an american radio host for internet fm his real name is
2:49 am
bob zwicks he is from ohio. he has been in japan for many, many years. i'm going to call you bob if you don't mind. >> hi, bill. >> bill: how is the japaneseed me were handling this disaster. can they bring any perspective to it? >> >> well, i think they are doing the best that they can. they have had nonstop coverage since the quake hit. we have been seeing reporters from the studios and from out in the field and, of course, when they report from the studios, quite often we see them wearing safety helmets right there in the studio on screen. and i think they are doing a great job. actually, there are just like nonstop -- there is nonstop footage of new film that's being either sent in by professionals or by amateurs, people who are out and about, carrying video cameras or iphones recording the devastation. >> bill: okay. now, the japanese people
2:50 am
themselves, can you get any sense because a country far different than the united states. it's almost a fatalistic country. they have been through unbelievable occurrences throughout their history. how are they reacting to this generally speaking? >> generally speaking, i would say people are handling it as well as can be expected. i mean, life goes on. there are people out and about today. many people, of course, last night were stranded because the trains were stopped and the subways were stopped. and there was no way for many people to get home. so, for example, i walked down the street to the nearby hyatt hotel and there were people camped out in the lobby. i think people are handling it about as well as you can handle a situation that's just as unpredictable as this. >> bill: did you feel the quake yourself? you are in tokyo and the quake
2:51 am
is north of you, the center of it did you feel it? >> oh, yes. definitely. it started off there was just a little shaking that was happening. and we often have those kind of earthquakes -- i'm sorry. there was a little jolt right then. there have been a lot of after shocks. but this one started off as a normal earthquake in that it was kind of shaking around a little bit. but then it just continued to shake and it got more and more intense until things started falling, books started falling out of the bookcase, cds started falling. flowers were being turned over. things were breaking. you could hear people screaming. and you could hear the buildings creaking. and by that time i was panicked. i bolted. i left this apartment as quickly as i possibly could. >> bill: how far are you guys from the epicenter of the quake? >> i think about 150 miles,
2:52 am
somewhere near 150 miles. so i have been told. >> bill: now, jops society -- japanese society very disciplined society. we haven't heard about looting that you hear about in other societies when disasters happen. they believe in order and discipline and obeying authorities. is that holding? >> i think so. i have not heard of any looting happening. that would be almost unthinkable from my perspective here in japan. yes, people are very well behaved when it comes to situations like this. and everybody is most helpful, i have found. >> bill: last question. when you go out into the streets of tokyo, what is the prevailing mood now? you said life goes on but surely people are -- have pulled back? >> oh, yeah. can you see it -- you can see
2:53 am
it. people are spooked. people are worried. i'm sure when we see some people on the street without a doubt they have friends or family who were up in the area where the quake hit the hardest and where, of course, the tsunami swept over the land, so you can imagine that there were many people who have friends and relatives who have been lost. >> bill: our prays are with the japanese people tonight. thank you very much. please stay safe over there. pinheads and patriots tonight kid rock talking politics.
2:54 am
2:55 am
2:56 am
>> bill: pinheads and patriots in a moment. tonight starring kid rock talking politics. >> but first, a couple of housekeeping items. these make great gifts do the math. it is not going to last longer we are taking a financial beating. >> you might enjoy my column on why charlie sheen would make a great cable news guy. available be in the "new york post" and other fine papers also on now the mail:
2:57 am
>> bill: i pressure state that bob, you live in the middle of the storm there. >> bill: interesting
2:58 am
. >> bill: i'm sure you had fun it is a great place. bill o'reilly do the ships my books overseas and the gear too. you can get stuff sent to anywhere in the world. >> bill: i that would take the historical value out of it. don't be a you are doing something nobel, come on. finally pinheads and patriots singer kid rock not shy when talking politics. >> i think i'm like the majority of people who are tired. we don't want a bunch of bible thumpers running the country and hippies running it. there's a middle ground most of us around the world are.
2:59 am
let's try to figure this out and give people the opportunities and tools to what we say live the american dream. >> bill: is mr. rock a pinhead or patriot for that assessment? and should i wear a hat like he has? last night we showed you miley cyrus wailing on a paparazzi who intruded upon her mother. >> are you serious? you just hit by mom. >> i didn't hit your mom. >> don't you ever do that again. don't you ever even think about it. >> bill: 67% say yes. 33% believe she is a pinhead. check out the fox news factor website different from spout off from anywhere in the world, name a town if u


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